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Date: February 27th 1918
George Leslie

France, Feb. 27 [1918]

Dear Cath:
I am in receipt of your 2 letters dated Jan. 20 and 27th respectively and needless to say was mighty glad to hear from you again. You know we've just been getting mail twice a month lately and two weeks does seem an awfully long time to wait. However, there's always double the amount when it does come so that makes up for the delay to a certain extent.

Don't know how long it is since I wrote you last (guess it's over two weeks) but I sent along a "whizz-bang" a few days ago. Did I tell you that I got Mrs. Coyne's letter O.K.? It came as a big surprise - believe me! And I got a bigger surprise when I opened a letter from Ine a couple of days ago. Of course you've heard all about it long ago - Hilda Bawden's engagement and Ethel McK-s wedding. I wasn't so surprised at the latter but can hardly imagine Hilda being a married woman. These are busy days for the ministers all right, all right. Wonder if the change in the govt has had anything to do with it.

You were asking if I had ever seen Mr. Edge. Well I should smile! He was in charge of my platoon the first trip he made in the trenches and I don't think he'll ever forget that trip. Am quite sure I won't for it was the worst we ever put in. Talk about shelling! Oh my!! He is a captain now - No. 1 company.

Was awfully sorry to hear of Bobs accident. He has been so unlucky hasn't he. Still if he's not seriously injured I guess he can consider himself lucky this time. I've seen a good many planes brought down and it's not very often the pilot gets away with a whole skin. I notice a lot of fellows are joining the F.C. in Canada now and often wonder if they really know what they are up against - Clarence Billings & a few others, for instance.

So you are thinking of trying to get on the staff R- school. Good. It sure will be fine if you can make it. Here's hoping any way.

Well I can't think of anything now so - au revoir. Oh by the way you may as well give up all hope of getting those pictures from Rome for that Italian put one over on me I guess. He's never sent them anyway. Sorry (not to say peeved) but I'll try and get another for you shortly. Regards to Margs and the rest of the folk when you write.

Sincerely -