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Date: March 16th 1918
George Leslie

France, Mar. 16 [1918]

Dear Cath:

Just finished reading another letter of yours - the third I've had this week. You certainly have been writing regularly lately I must admit but for some reason unknown to be the mail hasn't been coming in very regularly and for nearly three weeks I didn't get so much as a line from anyone. However, as long as it gets here I'll not kick about the delay. Margaret's letter arrived yesterday - quite a surprise indeed but a most pleasant one believe me. I feel highly honored for that's the first time a school marm has condescended to favor me with a line (except Reuben and of course she "doesn't count"). I'm glad to hear that Margs is getting along so well. She didn't get the card I sent her but I'll see if a letter will reach her as soon as I can get it written.

They sure are keeping you people busy all right judging by your accounts of the work. But cheer up - summer isn't such a long way off and then all your troubles will be over.

Mar. 17 -

You notice I didn't get very far with this epistle last night but I wasn't feeling extra well so that I would put the finishing touch on today. Guess I might just as well have finished it while I was at it tho' for I haven't the least bit of news.

I got a letter from D. Coll the other day and she says things are pretty quiet in town, except for an occasional sleigh load party. Of course you heard all about the R.C.I. girls going to the Eau to play hockey. They must have been a cheerful bunch when they got home (?). You know I found a trench cap with Dorothy's name in it in the I.O.D.E.'s parcel & wrote to let her know I got it. That's how it was I happened to hear from her. She tells me Katherine Bawden Kathleen Billings and a lot of others who were kids when I left are regular young ladies now. Gee! Can you imagine it? It sure does seem a long time since I left home but dear knows the time has gone quickly enough since I struck France. Still these changes are only natural - daresay I'm a whole lot different now myself. Can you imagine G. L. Scherer (Lance-Corporal G.L. Scherer by the way) sporting a nice sandy moustache? Sounds rather funny doesn't it. Well I'm not encouraging the decoration at all but it's quite in evidence when I come out of the line after 2 or 3 weeks without a shave. Oh Whit has got nothing on me now.

Well I know this is a most uninteresting letter (about the worst yet and that's saying something) but there's really nothing to put in it so I'll have to quit. However I'll write again before we move up the line and will surely do better - can't do any worse at any rate.

Was down the road & had my picture tooken yesterday. The thing should be finished in two or three days if they turn out any way decent I'll send one along.

Kind regards to Bess and the rest of the family.


799147 Lce-Cpl. G.L. Scherer