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Date: August 29th 1941

Excerpts from a letter dated Aug. 29, 1941

Jim says he has been moved and hopes to see the ruins of Coventry before long. He is in a brand new hospital and is among the first patients in it. "We get lots of privileges and are allowed to go out on pass every day from 1.30 to 9.00 PM, but I don't suppose we will have them for long as someone is bound to step over the mark: they always do and that inevitably leads to curtailment of priviledges. We are not going to get paid till next Wednesday and today is Saturday so of course, there was quite a howl went up as most of the boys are broke."

He has had 14 X-rays on his arm and it is still discharging and very tender.

I have been to Eton and Windsor. The school at Harrow is still carrying on as usual except that there are not nearly so many boys there now, parents can't afford it these days. Eton is also very depleted. I have not been to Cornwall yet but hope to go before I am much older.

The doctor has just made his inspection and I am to go to a Convalescent Camp very soon. I do hope it will be the camp at Brixham which is just across the bay from Torquay, Devonshire. My friends the -------are down there now. Mr. -----is an artist who is very fond of painting landscapes and he is particularly good with seascapes. The cliffs and beaches of Cornwall are his favorite subjects so he has hundreds of paintings of them scattered all over his house. Besides that he knows all the prominent artists of today and has pictures they have given him scattered throughout his home. It is like walking through an art gallery to go through with him and besides that he changes them about once a week so every time I go over there, I discover something new. I am very familiar with all the family and used to go over several times a week but now they are miles away and I miss the homelike atmosphere. They were exceptionally friendly and I like them a lot.