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Date: December 1st 1944
Mom and Dad

December 1st, 1944

Dear Mom and Dad,

I had quite a lot of difficulty sending your parcel on to Stanley, but at last I managed to make it OK. But if ever you want to send any foodstuffs to Stan, you will have to send it direct from Canada because no one is allowed to send foodstuffs from Britain to the European ‘theatre of operations'. I guess you can see the government's point in making the ruling. The shipping situation still must be pretty acute and they feel the soldiers get enough food without cluttering up the mail service with more. I suppose from this you have been able to gather that Stanley has left England. I got a card from him the other day which I have sent on to you. It was the first news I have had of where he was and even ‘it' gives nothing definite at all about him, so I have no idea where he is or what he is doing. However, I know he is happy at last because he says so. I would've liked to have seen him before he went though. He couldn't even give me a warning! Perhaps it's just as well though: by the way - his address is: 1st Canadian Scottish Regiment CAOBWEF. I guess that means ‘Canadian Army Overseas British West European Forces'. Now, I don't want you to immediately start worrying about him: though I guess it's natural you should do so. However, I'm sure he wouldn't want you to and neither do I!

There isn't much that is new around here. We are nearly ready to start flying and should be on Squadron before New Year's. We did all our crew drills today and got them out of the way. I haven't had word from Mrs. Sayers for quite a long while, but she was well last I heard. Mr. Simpson is fine - rather busy as usual, but it would be a cause for rejoicing if he weren't...his job will end when the war is over! Haven't heard from Sadie since she was married, so have no idea how she is.

What's wrong with Canada these days? We hear a lot of rather exaggerated rumours over here you know. For a little while there we thought we were going to have a new government. I hope not: not until the King has a chance to put his Rehabilitation into effect anyway. Must close. Write me a long letter soon!! and Merry Xmas!

Loads of love,