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Date: December 8th 1944
Mom and Dad

December 8th, 1944

Dear Mom and Dad,

It has just struck me that I never told you what I wanted you to do for Christmas presents this year. I hope you will get this letter in time. I want you to get whatever you need Mom for yourself and whatever Dad and Grandpa need too. Don't forget Burt and Kay also. I should have enough money on hand by now for that. Just spend whatever you want to Mom. If I was home I'd spend about $25.00. I think I told you once why I wasn't going to buy any presents over here but like a fool, I forgot to tell you what I was intending to do about it. So I hope you can get this in time.

Nothing very much has been happening over here lately. We have just had a 48 hr. pass which I spent in Scarborough with the crew. We had a marvelous time, met some very nice - clean girls who took us home and threw a party for us. We had fun! Dick couldn't get away unfortunately, he hasn't got his commission yet but we are expecting it any day now. All the other boys that went up with him got theirs, so I guess it's only a matter of time till he gets his too. I am trying to write this in the ‘Sgts. Mess' and everyone is waiting to attend a ‘Mess Meeting' so you can guess what the bedlam is like! We are drawing up plans for a Xmas dinner. I guess it's going to be quite a do! Most of the committee are Ex-Ops boys and ‘mad as hatters', so it's going to be quite a bang-up affair! We have over 250/s to spend. We are going to try to throw a party for all the local children as well. Also a dance on New Year's Eve. Should be quite a bit different from any other Christmas I have spent over here!

We haven't started to fly here yet. We were supposed to start yesterday, and I came home on time from Scarborough too, but we didn't do anything all day. I have been working on my course quite steadily but I can't go any farther until they send me the rest of my books. I can't quite figure out whether I am going to have to buy the other two or not. They are Milton's "Il Penseroso" and Wordsworth's "The Happy Warrior". Have had a letter from Blake recently. Everyone is fine, Jo Anne is coming along great! They have a little dog now whom Jo Anne plays with constantly. I have had your two parcels. The chocs. were marvelous... the boys and I had quite a party! I think there were 10 parcels in the barracks that night. By the way, could you send me another package of gum? It was very good last time... will close now Mom and Dad.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year - All!

Your loving son,