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Date: May 10th 1945
Mom and Dad

May 10th, 1945

Dear Mom and Dad,

It seems pretty hard to realize that we have joined the ranks of the "unemployed" at last, after dreaming about it for so many years, but we seem to have finished! Our last Op. is yet to come through I think, we will probably surprise a good many people later on. Right now, I am so busy that I haven't had time to realize the war is over! We are very lucky indeed because we went on leave, our six weeks ‘operational leave' on Sunday. Stan came up Sunday night and on Monday, we all went over to Scarborough. We knew that Tuesday was going to be VE. day so we had a premature celebration all our own to celebrate "our screening" because we had got through ‘our tour' safely. We got to bed about 3.30 AM. Then on Tuesday, we got a recall to our unit which turned out to be a ‘false alarm' because we didn't really have to be back until Thursday. So we missed out on the VE. night celebrations altogether! It was such a pity because from what I have heard, they must have been quite eventful... however, things have quietened down now and we are back to our old ways again. Stan still has several days of his leave left, but he has decided to spend them in Manchester, went off there this afternoon. My leave has been cancelled and we have to work every day from nine to noon - then from 2 to 5, which is far harder that we did before VE. day! However - it's all to a good purpose, so I'm not kicking.

I wish I could have been home for this event though because I'm sure you must have had far more joyous celebrations than we did! Somehow, there was more an ‘air of quiet thankfulness' abroad rather than jubilation, and I cannot recall hearing a single bell peal or gun fire. It was almost disappointing. Peace has been such a long drawn-out affair this time, no shock of surprise. It has also been so overwhelmingly conclusive too; I guess no one can say we didn't beat them this time!

Stan has no idea what is going to happen to him yet. I hope he is able to go home, I think he wants to. He really has had a marvelous time these past four days, the crew liked him very much and he simply adores Them. We really had a wonderful time...I've never enjoyed myself so much before! The ‘Clagues' were helping us to celebrate. I guess there is no need to send any more parcels across.

By the way, I got ‘the power of attorney' you asked for but lost it again, before I had time to sign and send it to you! I don't see much sense in having another one drawn up now. I hope to be home within 3 months...whether I will or not is another matter. I have fully decided upon my University courses and now I have to go ahead and see how and where. I am now working on that. I guess that's all for now.

Love to you all,