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Date: June 5th 1945
Mom and Dad

J95017 P/O Baker JR.
June 5th, 1945

Dear Mom and Dad.

I hope you took a good look at that return address because from it, you will see I have another new number, the third I have had this year! I got my commission four days ago but it was back-dated to April 21st, giving me just 15s in back-pay. I have been rushing around here in London all day trying to get my officer's kit. It has been an awful time/size because every place is being sold out, all the POW. coming back from Germany are getting new uniforms, and every place is being denuded! However, I managed to find a place that had my size. It was a rather lucky find too, because they had some pre-utility stock in and I saved nearly 3s on my uniform! Altogether, I have been very lucky. The clothing allowance they give is $250.00, which is nearly 60s. So far, I have spent about 25s. Prices are pretty stiff over here! Uniform, Gabardine raincoat - hat and Sundries alone comes to nearly $200.00: but I don't think I'll get a greatcoat, don't think I'll need it where I am going. So you can see that the $250.00 certainly doesn't go as far as it might. When I get home - if I have to go traveling again, I'm going to have to get a traveling trunk as well and a tropical uniform! So things may have to stretch a bit. However, I should have enough To stretch it. By the way, my account is with the ‘Bank of Montreal' over here. I can't remember if that is the one you have put my account in at home but if it isn't, I can get it transferred when I get home. I have also found that "power of attorney' I had drawn up for you so as soon as I get it witnessed, I'll send it home to you. I am in London and I expect to call up Mrs. Sayers in a few moments. I'll say ‘hello' for you. I haven't heard a word from Stan since VE. Day, and I have no idea where he is. I wish he'd write. I expect you are wondering what is happening to me. Well, I honestly cannot say. We are not flying home no, we were going to, but they suddenly changed their minds and sent us ‘to a pool' where all the crew disbanded. So I no longer have a crew. Well, it couldn't last forever I guess. I must close now. There is not much more I can tell you.

My love as ever,