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Date: April 29th

Lt. H.S. Burnard

Saturday 29 Apr.

Lt. H.S. Burnard
11 Bn. #2 CBR Gp.

Dear Sister-

Caught myself a job again on a Saturday afternoon so can catch up on some of my correspondence. It has been taking quite a beating with my moving and censoring. It used to be I could write in my spare time, now I censor my men's mail which is anything but interesting.

Last Sunday I visited Canterbury Cathedral with my Sgt a lad from Winnpeg. Its not a large cathedral by anymeans, but has a very interesting history and plenty of tradition wich makes it famous. The glass in the windows has been all removed or was blown out by a bomb blast, which makes it dark and dreary inside. In fact it was a perfect spring day with apple blossoms out and still inside the church it was to cold to hold services. I saw where they have Thomas A Beckets bones. They are in the basement of the cathedral in a private shrine which you probably have seen in pictures. The main alter was all locked because of bomb damage which they were repairing. Canterbury is badly blitzed but they have 3 theatres going again showing pictures. We saw a Bud Abbot Lou Custello show after seeing the Cathedral.

The country around Canterbury is very nice. There orchards are kept in perfect shape and after trees get big enough they plant grass amongst the trees and pasture sheep on it. Speaking of sheep I though we had all the sheep over here eaten but from the look of the lamb crop the spring we will be eating mutton for quiet some time to come. The only way I like mutton is when its hot and eat it outside where you can't smell it.

Well can't think of much else just now. Thanks for the photo my Sgt us quite taken up with it and hes quite an authority on the fairer sex. Have you heard anything more about Shorty. I sure wish I had seen him when I was on leave at Lincoln. There is a chance he might have gotten out seeing how he was a mid-gunner.

Hope you find the farm interesting. I'm afraid its going to seen tame after this life especially staying in one place.

Your Brother
Harvey B.
H.S. Burnard