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Date: December 5th 1943

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
South Sask. Regt.

Dec 5/43

Dear Folks-

Rec'd your letter last Thurday and glad to hear everything is going fine. I haven't as yet received the parcel from the Home-Makers but expect it any day now. Did my xmas shopping yesterday which consisted of sending some Christmas cards. They are about the only thing you don't need coupons for.

Haven't been doing much excieting this last week, went to a dance Friday night and one last night. They stop at 10 o'clock so you can go every night and still feel in shape to work the next day.

With regards to black-outs they arn't so horrible You can carry a flash light and it doesn't get any darker here than it did on the farm and you don't think its so bad there. The reason why such wierd stories get back to Canada is because if the truth was told by fellows going back they would be laughed at and not idolized as they are now. When ever I run into fellows who came back for their commission and are back here again I sure kid them about the yarns they used to have us believe were true. The Canadians are known as the "Home Guards" by the civilian population, because they are taking about as active a part in the war as the home guard are.

Havn't much news I am getting fed up with things and hope I soon get moved again. The weather is very nice and it quite warm. There is very little variation in the temperature but it does get windy one in a while. Hope everything is going well. I guess things will be getting quiet cool again. Cherrio.

Harvey B.