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Date: December 12th 1943

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
2 C.I.R.U.

Sunday 12/43

Dear Folks-

I am writing this on a Monday but though it would look better if I put Sunday on top. The reason I didn't write yesterday was because I'm now back at 2 C.I.R.U. again and Geo. Walker pursaded me into skipping church parade and going into London to meet some of his relatives. They turned out to be well heeled and we sure ate. They were very nice and invited Gor and I in for Xmas but there is a restriction on traveling from the 23 to the 28th of Dec which makes it impossible for troops to travel more than 20 miles from where they are stationed. So I guess we'll spend Xmas in barracks again. These relationes lived out in a suburb of London right in the path of the bombers as they came to attack London. The only think they had hit was a blast came up one of the sewer drains and raised the man-holes out of the ground.

I left Worthing where I was stationed last Thursday. I was getting quiet used to it and even if we did have to train hard I didn't detest it the way I did when I first landed down there.

We had some snow here last Friday. It was the first this year. It didn't last long.

Hear from Shorty quiet regularly but I guess we won't be able to celebrate Xmas to-gether be mentioned spending it with a chum in the R.A.F.

Haven't been doing much London looks just the same. There isn't much doing here and its hard to keep out of trouble. Lucky none missed me on church parade or I would have been in trouble. The Land Army has been waiting for me to come back at least that's her story. She has a steady boy-friend so I'm not likely to become very badly involved. Hope you have a Merry Xmas Shorty and I will have our celebration later.

Yours truly Harvey