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Date: February 13th

Lt. H.S. Burnard
2 C.I.R.U.

13 Feb.

Dear Folks-

Didn't get a letter this week so likely I'll have two next week. Had a letter from Aunt Lucy with two snaps one of them cutting with two binders and one of Aunt Lucy, Aunt Irene, Veryl, Mae and 3 others that I don't know.

Havn't been doing much this week am leaving for another gas course some where in the north next Sunday it last for 2 weeks and I get back on the 4 of March.

Last Wednesday I had a bit of holiday I went into London as a watching member on a civil police court for one of our boys who had beat up on a British Bobby. It was very interesting I sat through three civil cases before the one I was interested in came up. One was a case of bicycle stealing, one of jewelry borrowing with intent of returning at a later date and the 3rd was a case of bigamy. The man was married twice and what a speciamin of humanity. The court case was over at 1130, so I spent the rest of the day eating and seeing Picture Shows. I saw "The Girls We Left Behind" and "For Whom the Bells Toll," both in technicolor and very good the best seats for to see "For Whom the Bells Toll" cost about $2.40 but I managed to get on for a lot less than that. I managed to miss my last train out to camp and had to catch one that came within about 10 miles of camp, so all in all it was't a bad day considering my meals and traveling expenses were paid by the Army. Last night one of the Schwants twins and I went to a dance at Woking about 20 miles from camp we made reservations before hand for a place to sleep and had a good time. There is a dance hall down there with springs in the floor. I see by the casualty list that H.C. Munro has been killed. I've been commissioned for one year this is the anniversary of my leaving 3 Rivers. Hope your all fine.

Harvey B.