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Date: January 29th 1944

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
2 C.I.R.U.

Jan. 29/44

Dear Folks-

George and I arrived back from leave yesterday morning 6 hrs late but in very good health. So far none has said anything about us arriving late so I guess some of the boys must have covered up for us. We had a very nice leave and the nine days only cost me around 8 pounds and my pay would amount to 9 pounds so I accually made some money. I will write an ordinary letter giving you a summary of my activities.

What we did was roughly this; started out from camp 3 hrs before we were supposed to leave spent one night in a London Hotel, gave London the once over again and spent the next night at George's relations near London, went to Lincoln to see Shorty spent a day and night there but never found him. Went to York for a few hrs then up to Edinburgh for 3 days not renewing any acquaintances just looking around. Then we spend 2 days up at Dundee Scotland. then a day at Glasgow. Caught a fast train from Glasgow to London and from London back to camp. Besides the weather up there is rather poor in January.

I think the high light of our travels was a journey to Glamis Castle, the home of the present Queen. It is about 12 miles out of Dundee and was where the Scotish Kings made their home from about 900 AD onwards. Shakespear's play MacBeth took place in this castle so it's the real MacKoie. Whenever the King and Queen visit Scotland they usualy live their, we had the head housekeeper show us around and we went everywhere, felt the King and Queens bedsprings had a look around the Queens bath room. We got some of the Queens private stationary from here sitting room so sure had a good go. The thing that surprised me was the distance the Kings and Queens bedrooms are apart.

The Queens father still lives in the castle but he was not well so didn't meet him. They only show people through the castle on Fridays but seeing how the housekeeper was a lady George and I didn't have any trouble getting through on a Wed. In fact the housekeeper showed us around personaly, after she had the time. Will close now. sorry my mail isn't comming through. Hope everyone is fine.

Harvey B.