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Date: June 18th 1944

LT H.S. Burnard

Lt. H.S. Burnard
11 Bn 2 CBR Gp.

18 June 44

Dear Folks-

Riec'd three letters to-day one from Clive and 2 from you. Thanks for the tie pin. I lost my only one about 1 ½ months ago and they just don't make them over here. Glad to hear you had mailed me a wrist watch. I bought one over here from a lad back from Italy, it's a pocket watch but it seems like you get both hands full then have to check the time so I am well pleased you did decied to sene me a wrist watch. Will make arrangements with the paymaster to have the money sent back to you. I paid £4 for this watch and can get at least £5 for it at a pond shop. It's a Waltham in a gold snap case and rather nice. My other wrist watch is still broke so I'll send it home.

I am back at 11 Bn now traveled most of yesterday and had the usual fun with our luggage. We stayed in London for a couple of hours. Things were quite excieting. Furing the 2 hours there were 3 alerts because of those self propelled bombs. We saw one when we were coming in on the train but the anti-aircraft guns got it and it didn't do any harm. It was rather amusing because it seemed to be following the railway we were on. They are quiet large and make a mess when they land.

The course was very good don't know how I made out and am not particularly interested. It's a great feeling to write exams that you known darn well have no influence of you future what-so-ever.

Was glad you weren't too worried about me because I certainly had an easy two weeks. The grub there was excellent everything from canned peaches down.

Went into Worthing and had supper Wed nite. The supper consisted of french fried potatoes, beaf steak and strawberries and cream & sugar all for 3 shillings 70¢. Then we went to a show called ‘The Desert Song' which was O.K. Can't think of anything more just now. Didn't see Willie Hasper as he apparently left Worthing the day I went to the school.

Hope everything is going O.K.

Yours Truly
Harvey B.

H.S. Burnard