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Date: June 24th 1944

LT H.S. Burnard

Sat 24 June 44

Lt. H.S. Burnard
11 Bn. 2 C.B.R. Gp.

Dear Folks-

Havn't riec'd any letters this week I don't know why except that there must be some delay in sorting it. Wrote you an ordinary mail letter last Wed with a couple of snaps taken over here.

I received my watch last Tuesday. It came over in 10 days by air mail which was sure a good going. I had the money defered out of my pay so you'll likely get a check on about the 20 of July

Havn't much news; went to one show this week which was O.K. Havn't moved or anything so there isn't much I can write about. The weather this last week has been very nice it hasn't rained for quite some time and I guess the crops are in need of rain.

There are some of the fellows here who went in the first days of the invasion, were wounded and are ready to go back again. The tell some wierd and wonderful tales but all marvell at the way they get the causalties cut and back to hospitals over this country. Several of the officers I trained with in Shilo have been wounded. I guess they havn't heard anything more about Shorty. Its too bad he didn't last longer as the percentage of bombers brought down now is very low compared to the period when he was flying.

The two officers I've been living with in this tent have moved so I have a tent to myself which is very good. Well can't think of anything more just now.

Might have more to write about next week.

Hope everything is going fine at home Cherrio for now.

Yours Truly
Harvey B.