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Date: March 5th

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
S.S. Regt.

Sunday 5. Mar

Dear Folks-

Rec'd two letters to-day when I got back and collected my mail, the one Ivan wrote on the 18 of Feb and yours of the 21st. was glad to hear everything was comming along O.K.

I got back from my gas course O.K. the trains were crowded and late but we had a special coach reserved for the officers comming to London after the course so we wern't badly off. About the first news I received when I got back was that I was going to the South Sask. Reg't again leaving on Tuesday. I could have taken a course and gone to Italy as a Machine Gun Officer but didn't have the chance because I was away on this gas course. I'm being taken on strength of the Unit which means I'll be there for an indeffinite length of time.

We had a dance at the Mess last night and had a very nice time. I had a date for 8 o'clock and didn't get around until quarter to ten, but she was waiting and was glad to see me. My stepping out suit was in my bedroll so George Walker gave me his when my bed roll didn't show up. Then I managed to persuade a Major to call for the girl in the Colonel's staff car so didn't do bad considering the circumstances. We had an extra special lunch of curred ham fruit salad dough nuts etc.

I don't know how my results of the gas course will turn out. I had learn't what I want to know so am not particularly interested in how I made out. The exam consisted of 3 parts one of was which giving a prepared lecture to the remainder of the class. My cow-oy acsent seemed to amuse these well educated young English officers but I have no intention of developing a Limy axcent for any of them. On the whole they treated us Canadian officers very well they never call us by our names we get nicknamed "Canada" which isn't bad.

Well that seems to end my news for now address my letter to the S.S.R's again and I'll get them quicker.

Cherrio for now
Harvey B.