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Date: 1944

Lt. H.S. Burnard


Lt. H.S. Burnard
11 Bn 2 C.B.R. Gp

Dear Folks-

Rec'd one letter this week and was glad to hear everything was O.K. I'm fine and am having a very easy time just at present. I have the darndest luck I always seems to get on duty during a weekend. In fact I havn't had a weekend since I got my new address.

Had a letter from Willie Hasper this week we might be able to meet in Guilford some night. Its hard to travel on weekends and we can't get a day off during the week so its hard to meet anyone. It seems Paul; Willie and one of the Sharp boys are together yet.

Its darned cold here to-day but it has been nice in fact I'm getting quiet a tan. Rather nice to be paid 5 bucks a day for getting a tan but I didn't ask for it. As for what I'm doing or likely to be doing you'll just have to use your imagination. Ask Bob Ford what I'm doing he knows.

Went to a theatre show last night and listened to some more English humor. Saw one good act a lady playing musical selections on tumblers filled to a certain highth with water she was sure good played any tune or timble you could ask for. She made them vibrate by wetting her fingers and rubbing them on the edge of the glasses.

Glad to hear the moisture situation was good. They have been having frosts here which are sure playing hob with the orchards. There are cases where 200 acre orchards won't have any fruit in them. I think the cause of it is the dry weather.

Will close now as its cold. Hope you have sent me a watch. Incidently you won't have to pay the sales tax if you prove it is sent to me overseas. Cherio for now.

Yours Truly
Harvey B.
H.S. Burnard