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Date: November 7th 1943

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
South Sask Regt

Sunday Nov. 7/43

Dear Folks-

Rec'd Ivans letter yesterday and was glad to hear everything was going well. The mail isn't comming over so well as it might but expect to get more mail this comming week.

Haven't much news. To-day is the first day it has been cold. There is a strong wind comming in from the channel which isn't so hot. The roses and summer flowers are still blooming and everything is much greener than things ever get on the prairies.

Went to a dance last night and had a fair time. There are an abundance of females here which always helps out the amusement end of things. The dance hall is much like the Trionon in Regina. There are several smaller ones but the Officers usualy take over the best and let the Other Ranks have the smaller ones.

Saw a very nice show on Wed night. Cooney Island by name. The American pictures are much better than the English films. For some reason or other this English humor dosn't appeal to me. An English buttler backing over a set table will send an English crowd into high-sturicks, while the Canadians just groan in agony at the simple ness of it.

We are having a week of night training starting to-night, I could thing of much more pleasanter ways of spending the night, than roaming around in England after dark.

We moved our quarters last week and had the good fortone to get quartered about 100 ft from an air-raid sirin. Speaking of mournful noises that thing takes the cake. When-ever enemy planes are approaching it starts comming and going for a minute and is gaunteed to wake anything for about ¼ of a mile.

Well I can't think of anything else. Should drop the girls a line but have to go to a meeting in a few minutes so I guess I wont have time for another week. Likely Shorty will write home and tell his fokes where I'm stationed so you can find out from them. I can sned post-cards from here but I can't tell you where I am which is rather odd to say the least.

Hope everyone is fine. Write Soon.

Yours truly,
Harvey B.