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Date: November 20th 1943

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
South Sask Reg't

Saturday 20/43

Dear Folks-

I am writing this on a Sat nite as we are C.B. for the night. I think I'll go to Brighton to-morrow for some excitement. They have a big skating rink there. The picture shows run all day except Sunday and they have Tea Dances in the afternoon its quite a civilized place that Brighton. They sure keep us busy here last week I wasn't but this week I've been in every night and next week looks just as exciting. Some bright buddy decided the officers weren't getting enough excercise and layed on a period of P.T. before breakfast. It was in effect all last week but through some very good maneuvering I managed to get by without showing up at all. I believe in working for a certain point but when they get a guy out of a warm bed to do P.T. before breakfast I just don't co-operate. The other week they got the notion that the officers of the Reg't were deterioting so we had a 4 mile cross country run. I wasn't first but I bead the colonel and go a certain amount of satisfaction out of it.

If you have any photographs left that I had taken in Regina I wonder if you would send Marie Shehowsky one. She's the only girl in Canada that writes me, she's written to me once a week since I saw here in Vancouver. Her address is the same.

Haven't much to write about. The weather has been cold but most of the flowers are still blooming Its hard to believe it's almost the end of Nov.

I saw Bob Ford but didn't get around to asking him about his dad. Heard from Shorty they seem to be keeping him out of mischief with some commando training I sure wish I could see him he was pretty soft and only laughed at me when I told him our training got tough in spots.

I had an attack of the hives and my batman figured I had bed-bugs again so I agreed with him and next night when I got into bed I just about rolled out the bottom because he had may bed pretty well paved with moth balls. I came out the morning smelling like a clucking hen but even my hives gave up.

My watch has stopped again I wish you could send me some of those $1.25 watches. Hope its not to cold yet.

Yours Truly Harvey