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Date: October 10th

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
2 C.I.R.U.

Sat. Oct. 10

Dear Folks-

I slept all this afternoon so am writing this at night. There is a dance at our officers Mess to-night, but seeing as how I haven't a female I'll just go and wolf. Have had a rather easy week and the weather has been very nice. I've been on a Wire-less course this last week and it consisted mainly of sitting around. We have very nice little sets we carry around that broadcast and receive and only weigh 10 lbs.

Our Salisbury trip was very successful. The cathedral isn't so big but has a beautiful spire on it 404 ft. high, supposed to be the highest in England and the most beautiful in the world. It is built beside a river away from the town of Salisbury. It has a wall enclosure that takes in quite a large area including some old houses. All inside the wall is governed like the Vatican city. I bought a pamphlet and will mail it sometime.

After our party toured the Cathedral we were loaded onto a private buss and taken out on the Salisbury Plains to see the Stonehenge or those large stones that some people piled up in about 3,000 B.C. These stones are huge affairs the highest one is about 22 ft high with out the base that is below the ground. We took some pictures there and will send you them. The funny part about thee stones is the fact that they were brought several hundred miles on boats then skidded across the plains for about 24 miles. These rock are one of the 7 wonders of the world and I saw the tide rise in the Bay of Fundy which is another so Ive only 5 more to go. Think I'll join the paratroops and see the rest.

I've had a rather successful week Sunday on Duty, Monday night stayed in the barracks, Tuesday night a picture show with the Land Army, Wed night a nurses dance at Guilford a red letter night, Thursday night a picture with the Land Army Friday night a Stage Show with the Land Army. Tonight a dance in the Officers mess; two dates for tomorrow will have to arrange things better, and Monday night I meet Fredie Hastie in Guilford. Fredie is not stationed very far from here. Shorty and I are trying to meet next weekend in London. I can't seem to see Willie Hasper as he's some distance from where I'm stationed.

Are films hard to get in Canada? If they aren't I wonder if you could send some over. Any size you can get because I can borrow almost any size of camera over here. I got one of the parcels and bundle of Theodore news this week. Ray Smith is here and he likes to read the happenings but he's been away from Theodore quite some time.

Haven't much more news. I don't think I want anything except gum and peppermints. Tell Mae I'll answer her letter as soon as I can swipe some more blue forms. They are rationed one per week perhaps.

I guess harvesting will be over for another year. Are you selling any of the cattle. According to the Land Army everything is finished around here except potatoes. Potatoe diggin goes on for weeks. There has not been any frost hard enough to kill the flowers yet although it does get chilly in the evenings. Hope you all are fine.

Yours truly,