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Date: October 17th

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
South Sask. Regt.

Sunday 17/Oct.

Dear Folks-

Rec'd a letter last Wed. and was glad to hear everything was going O.K. I've been moved again since I last wrote. We are now stationed in a fairly large town on the South Coast. In fact the water is only about 100 ft away from where I'm writing. Its surprisingly quite down hear we had an alert this morning and a few guns started firing but the all clear came a few minutes later. It might seem rather exciting but nothing ever happens. I think you have the wrong impression of England, it certainly isn't all bombed out and bombs aren't falling every minute of the day. What the papers print is perfectly right. The only difference between hear and Canada is that the Canadians worry more and distrust their government more and die earlier in life. Were billeted in hotels and I can easily lean out of my window and throw a stone to the nearet theatre which is larger than the Capital Theatre in Regina. Our grub is the best sugar, apples, good meat, milk for our tea, peanut butter and most everything else you want. If you write me another letter stating how afraid you are of me getting a bomb dropped on myself I'm very apt to get married and you'll have another sister-in-law to worry about besides me. If you could only realize what a wonderful time I'm having, send me gum when you can get it and forget about worrying It would make me feel a lot better.

You see now I've filled up a whole page and have no more space for news.

I met Shorty in London yesterday at The Beaver Club we had about six hours together and had a real chat. Shorty is looking fine and isn't letting any grass grow under his feet although I believe him getting engaged has done a lot of good. I was quite surprised. Hes comming down hear next Wed for the evening. Hes on leave in London with another chum. I saw Freddie Hastie and Archie Duke last Monday night. Freddie has put on about 50 pounds since I last saw him. Duke is married and has a family to bring back to Canada. I'm in the same Regiment as Bob Ford and see him every day. He hasn't changed and is sure enjoying life. I asked him how he felt towards getting back to work after the war and he just grinned and said the war wasn't over so why worry. Hope everything is O.K. at home. I've fine and this sea side with pay is sure alright.

Harvey B.