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Date: October 25th 1943

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
South Sask. Reg't.
Can Army

Sunday Oct. 25/43

Dear Folks-

Haven't heard from you this week I guess there's another bottle neck holding the mail up since I moved. Rec'd a parcel from Myra and Clive today so I guess I should get some mail very shortly.

Shorty has been down here for the last 3 days and is staying until next Wed. He came in from London last Wed night at 6 and I left on a 3 day skeme at 630 the same evening and I haven't seen him since I got back. He was getting fed up with London and I think he likes it much better here. London is O.K. for about 2 days then you go mad if you have to stay there any longer.

This skeme I was on was sure fun. It only lasted 72 hrs of which 70 hrs it was raining. I was out Umpiring for a bunch of French Canadians. I couldn't understand a word they said but I learned more French in those 3 days than I did during the 2 years I studied at school. They are about the happiest outfit I ever met. Most of them didn't have a dry stich on them yet they didn't seem to mind. There meals were apt to arrive any hr of the day or night. One night it rained from about 530 until 130 and at 3 in the morning they served cold tea.

Well I haven't much news things have been very quiet and the weather is very nice between rainy spells. I haven't been out much since I came here it seems I'm only on duty about 3 nights out of 4. Hope everything is fine. I'm going to see Shorty now so will close.

Yours truly Harvey B.