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Date: October 31st

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
South Sask Regt

Sunday 31 Oct

Dear Folks-

Seeing as how its Sunday I guess I had better drop you a line to let you know Im still O.K. The weather here has been very nice. It has been cloudy but not cold in fact there has been no frost as yet. Received a letter from Edna and she mentions it snowing in Yorkton. I don't know wether it snows here or not. Had a parcel from Clive last week but no letter maybe he is too busy farming.

Shorty left here last Wed. After we finally made contact we had a very good time. There are several large dance halls in town and plenty of amusmets. Shorty like it fine down here I guess London more or less got his goat. I know I would go nuts if I had to stay there. I hope Shorty and I can get our Xmas leave to-gether as I think we could have a lot of fun.

Things here have been very quite. And there is really nothing new. I always get on some duty every Sunday. We are busy during the week and if we get two nights off in a week we can consider ourselves lucky. This comming week we do night training for a whole week. This will require us getting up in the evening and going to bed in the morning - very interesting to say the least.

I sent some snaps of a chum of mine had taken when we visited the Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehendge I guess they will arrive some time next year. I can see where my Xmas shopping is going t be a failure this year. I could buy stuff here but it seems rather funny to have it shipped over then I buy it and have it shipped back when they are supposed to be conserving shipping space. I didn't know what to do and will likely end up doing nothing.

Well I can't think of anything else to write about. I'm not in very good humor to-day and will likely get into trouble before its over. They have a habit of letting the junior officers run the place during the weekend and, they can't understand why we shouldn't be more interested in what goes on. I'm only down here for 8 weeks and if I don't get a good report at the end of that time I'll go back to the holding Unit and grow fat all over again.

Hope everything is going O.K. around home. Im fine and not in need of anything at present.

Yours truly,
Harvey B