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Date: September 5th 1943

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
2 C.I.R.U.

Sunday Sept 5/43

Dear Folks-

Well I haven't much to write about this week. I finaly got in touch with Willies Hasper. He is quite some distance from where I am but I might get leave and meet him in London.

The weather here has been nice and practically all the threshing is done. They sure have fun with their wheat. They cut it stook it with out bundle carriers, stack it, thresh it with steam engines, tie the straw up again and stack the straw then thatch the stacks. If they sent half the farmers in England over to Canada where they weren't in each others road they could sure raise some food stuffs. They sure must travell at a tariffic pace here in peace time. I saw 5 men loading a up a load of sheaves that would require 1 man on the prairies. One man was driving a tractor pulling a small rack, 2 wer picking up the bundles and two were building the load. They were all old men but I guess in peace time able bodied men did the same. They raise a lot of food stuffs here in spite of their backward methods.

I'm on a school leaning how to drive a truck. The first lesson consisted of finding 34 grease nipls on the chassis of a truck and greasing them. Our instruction took special care in showing me how to use the grease gun and the proper way to use a crescent wrench, it was all very exciting until he found out I was a farmer myself.

Can't think of much else to write about. The two Schwantz twins from Strasbough arrived over here last week.

The novelty of being over here is gradually dissappearing and I will be glad to get moving again. Hope that everything at home is alright I'm fine and getting fat again after my 4 weeks course.

George Walker has just come in so weve got to go some place and find something to to.

Yours truly,