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Date: September 19th 1943

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
2 C.I.R.U.

Sunday 19/Sept. 43

Dear Folks-

Rec'd your letter last Friday, it was rather odd they both came the same day. My mail usualy comes over in globs so I guess its just natural.

Haven't been doing much lately. I am still on that drivers course. I think I've seen everything for a radius of 40 miles around the camp. The country is very nice just now. There isn't as much fruit around as I expected. The apples are poor in comparison to our Canadian apples. The orchards are old and the fruit has worms to no end.

Got a letter from Shorty and am going to try and get a weekend starting next Saturday. He wants me to come down and to where he's stationed but I believe that area is out of bounds to troops not on duty so I advised him to meet me in London.

Haven't been doing much for excitement. Went to a dance last night and met the usual amount of females. You very seldom see the same girl twice which is rather odd.
Glad to hear everything is O.K. at home. The word has got over here that the are dismissing the H.E. which isn't a bad idea as far as votes are concerned. It didn't go over so hot here. It was too bad about Willie Cherpeta I had heard it before I got your letter.

Had a nice parcel from Regina this week chocolates and all.

Can't think of anymore news. Haven't seen Harold yet. Hope the threshing is comming on O.K. Bill Kroptchuck should be a big help. Write often.

Yours truly,
Harvey B.