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Date: September 25th 1943

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
2 C.I.R.U.

(Sept) Sunday 25/43

Dear Folks-

Haven't heard from you lately but the mail usualy comes in Sunday nite so I might get one to-night.

I got a weekend off this week and went down to see Shorty at Bournemouth but as our luck hasn't changed I missed him again. When he wasn't at the station I found where he had been billeted and learned that he had been moved up to Middlands on the 21st. I was there on the 24th. It was a very nice trip and strange enough I didn't find the traveling crowded. As soon as I missed Shorty I had to start back to camp again as its impossible to find any room or place to sleep for the night. I never thought but Mr. Conrod is a rather prominant person at the station and he could have fixed me up if I had seen him. But I thought he would be busy so never bothered.

There was a tour leaving our Camp to go and see Windsor Castle but as I was on weekend I missed that too so sure had a heck of a weekend.

My drivers course is over and I don't know what I'll be in for next. There are so many officers here that its hard to get on a course. And if youre not on a course your just doing one think after the other that never gets you anywhere.

Have seen several shows lately. The Womens' Land Army have a camp quite close tours and some of the girls are very nice. They are mostly girls from London who were working at no-essential industries and had their choice of joining the Auxiliary Service or the Land Army. I find them much more intelligent that the local females.

Can't think of much else to write about. Hope everyone is fine. I'm in the best of health.

Yours truly,
Harvey B.