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Date: July 27th 1943
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Bedford, NS
July 27/43
Dear Mom:

As you can see I am in another camp, I arrived here this morning and am leaving tomorrow for Kings another camp in Ontario. As soon as we arrive I will write and let you know my new address. The camp that I am at now is only about fifteen miles from A23 so you see that I did not move very far.

There is a stream running through this camp. So we took advantage of that fact tonight and went for a swim. The water was grand almost warm so much so that we stayed in for nearly an hour.

My bathing suit arrived quite safely, with the soap and cookies. The soap arrived just at the right time as I had just run out.

You mentioned in your last letter that the air force was after Audrey. In a way I hope that she does not join but that is up to her. Myself I don't think that she would like it. She might for a while until the novelty wore off. Another thing the pay is rather low. Even though she had two stripes she still would not make very much.

Well I must close now as I have some packing to do.