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Date: July 27th 1943
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

July 27/43
Wrote this on the train but forgot to mail.

Dear Mom -

Just a short note to let you know that I am on my way.

Your letters of the 13th & 20th did not catch me until this morning just before I left. The money order dad sent was very welcome as I missed last pay day. You don't get paid when you are in hospital.

When I got out of the hospital the post office at A23 thought that I had moved to Bedford so sent my mail there. The day my mail came back to A23 I moved to Bedford so it chased me back there.

I guess that I can tell you now that I am going to Kingston for my course. The course lasts 12 weeks.

Just after we left Halifax the weather took a change for the better. We had one hot day in the last two weeks that was yesterday.

I am trying to write this on the train and it is no fun.

Some of the boys that I took my training with down here have gone over I guess that they have arrived by now. They did not get any leave at all. It is too bad as they were all ready to go home.

As far as letters are concerned I did very well today. There was the one from you and dad which was more than welcome, the other from you, one from Barbara and one from Bob.

It is too bad that I could not let Bob know that I am going through Montreal as I know he would like to see me as much as I would like to see him but it can't be helped. Some time I might be able to get up there and see him.

There are nine of us going on the course from the camp. The best part of it is two of them are fellows that I have been running around with.

This is just about an impossible job trying to write so I will close now. I will write as soon as I get something solid to write on. My writing is bad enough without trying to write riding a thing that is hopping around like a jackrabbit.

Good bye for now

PS Thank Dad for the money order. (I was broke)