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Date: July 8th 1945
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

K_____ Gnr. Loney E.J.
#1 C.A.R.U.
July 8th/45

Dear Mom:

Here I am again with another change of address much to my surprise. This time I did not move very far as this camp is only a few hundred yds from the laundry. Why I was moved I have no idea. It may be that I will be going to the army of occupation. That is only a guess on my part.

We had a little excitement at Aldershot a couple of nights ago when a few of the boys on their way home got tired waiting. They broke some store windows and smashed up an amusement arcade. There were only about 500 of about 6000 that are stationed there that caused the trouble. As far as I can find out the main cause of the trouble was that some of them had been paid in Canadian money about 5 weeks ago which they could not spend and had not been given any English money to keep going on until they left. Now they have all been moved to other camps and I understand they are to be paid again.

Did I tell you that Box 34 had arrived safely last Wednesday and as usual was very welcome.

I am going to put in for my leave tomorrow so I will get it before I go any place else if I am to move again. I have not been able to get up to Stoke as yet but will do so on leave if and when I get it. As usual I will go down to Torquay. I hope that the weather we are getting now lasts till my leave is over.

I had planned on going up to Stoke this weekend but my move spoilt that for me so that is the only way I can work it in now.

I wrote to Bill last week but have had no answer as yet. I hope to be able to see him on leave as well but don't know just how I will work it in as he is so far out of the way. I will try to head his way on a weekend as he says that is about the only time he can get away.

I am going to close now as I want to go over and pick up a couple of things I left at the laundry. When I find out what is going to happen to me I will let you know. There isn't much doing around the camp now we just have a few lectures and a little foot-drill, other than that we just loaf.

Good-bye for now.