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Date: June 30th 1943
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Elkins Barracks
June 30, 1943

Dear Mom:

Your letter from Victoria arrived the other day and when dad's and yours arrived today I thought it was time that I wrote you.

As yet I have not found out just when I leave as soon as I find out I will write.

I think I can get a day or two in Kenora. If I can make it I will be the first of our family to see "Carole". I received a card from Berna yesterday.

Right now I am on Fire Picquet. There are 12 of us, we are on duty all night. We are out patrolling the camp for two hours then each one spends an hour on duty by the telephone. The rest of the night you can sleep. I am on from 10-12 tonight so that is not so bad. I am on telephone duty now 9-10 so I will be finished at 12.

The weather is still wet but we had a few warm days last week.

We still have a few tests to write. As far as I can find out we will finish next week. So if nothing goes wrong I may be home the end of the following week.

So far I have not had a chance to get in to see Sister Church. If I get into Halifax this weekend I am going to try to see her.

Dad's "Readers Digest" and your dictionary arrived the end of last week.

I was glad to hear that you had gone to Victoria with dad. The change would be good for you even if it didn't help your cold.

Did Shirley get fixed up alright, nobody ever said anything. I thought that Shirley would write and say something.

How is Audrey doing now I haven't heard from her for some time. I guess I can get all her news when I get home (if and when).

I had a letter from Bob last week from Lachine. I will try to see him when I get to Montreal if it can be arranged. I hope he can make it if I have enough time there.

I am sorry that I have not sent any snaps. The roll that I had in my camera I was not in any of the snaps. We are not allowed to take any pictures around here at all. In fact we are not supposed to have cameras in camp so I have to keep mine in my kit bag all the time.

We were just told this about three weeks ago. That was just before we has some nice weather when I would liked to have taken some pictures.

Well I must close now as I go out in a few minutes.

P.S. I found a couple of snaps taken at Grande Prairie.