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Date: March 1943
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Sunday Afternoon
[March 1943]

Dear Mom:

We have been kept busy this week with lectures on first aid, military law, marching, [and] P.T. It is just as though I was back at school again but with different subjects. The day is broken in ¾ hour periods. We get about a 5 min. break at the end of each period which is very welcome when we have been marching or doing P.T. The other day the[y] had us out on the road going out of town for the P.T. period and took us for a 2 mile run. I liked it fine, it didn't bother me at all but it sure did some of the boys. The P.T. period is just before lunch and if you weren't hungry before you are when you finish.

It has been pretty cold up here the last week. It is not so cold today but there is a wind and it is snowing making it mean outside.

The roads and the parade square in camp are a solid sheet of ice because 2 weeks ago there was a thaw and then it froze again. Trying to march on the stuff is terrible, one of the roads is alright and we went to the church in town. The church is just about the same size as ours.

We had mass in camp this morning but last Sunday we went to the church in town. The church is just about the same size as ours.

I just picked this up again. I stopped to press my pants & tunic. It was the first chance I've had to get the iron today. I also had dinner and cleaned my web equipment. It is now 6:30, and Fred Allen is on, most of the boys are listening to him.

The town here sure isn't very big. The main street is about 5 blocks long. There are 2 beer parlors which open for about an hour each day then close. They also have a bowling alley, a skating rink (ice), one show, one dance hall and I think that's about all.

There is a show at 7 in the canteen and I have to wash so Good Bye now.

Love to all

P.S. got yours and dad's letters yesterday many thanks, wrote Bob other day.