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Date: May 18th 1945
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

#1 Static Base Laundry
May 18th/45

Dear Mom:

Well here I am again in the last week a lot has happened. The main thing being that this part of the war is over.

The last week I have had a good taste of the laundry and I don't think much of it. The job I have is in the stock room which handles all the stuff that has been washed and is going out again. The job is not bad the big trouble is the way the place is run. The plant was built to do about half the amount of work it is doing. That means stuff is piled all over the place all the time.

As yet I have no idea just what will happen to me. Some of the boys that have not seen action are being sent over to the army of occupation. All that I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope I miss it.

Sunday I was up to Bookham again to see Pegg only to find that Gordon had arrived V-day and they had left Friday for Pegg's home in Wales so I missed him again.

I received the picture of Shirley & Helen it is good of both.

By the way has there been any word of Ted yet, you have never said and I have often wondered.

In my last letter I didn't mention that another box had arrived. The one with the peanut butter, salmon, cheese & crackers, etc. I don't remember the number, it arrived the day I left for here.

Well I have another leave due, this time I am going up to Stoke first then try and see Bill and possibly Torquay.

I have not heard from Bill for about a month now, I hope that I hear soon.

You asked in your letter if I need any shorts, at the present time I have 4 pairs so that should keep me going, there isn't anything else that I need that I can think of.

If I started you worrying about my arm it is a waste of time as I was just "swing the lead'. There is nothing wrong with it if anything it is better than it ever was. It just bothers me when I want to get out of some work I don't like. So don't worry I'm O.K.

This is the end of the paper so I will have to close.