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Date: May 31st 1943
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Elkins Barracks
May 31, 1943

Dear Mom:

Again I am slow in answering your letters. I have three here now to answer so I will start with the first and answer them all.

I am sorry to hear that Doug is sick. It will sure get him down as he is almost never sick.

You mentioned that none of the Brass' like Betty I am surprised to hear that as none of them ever mentioned it to me. Then again I guess that they wouldn't.

As far as I can find out there wasn't any one near enough to have helped the two boys who were drown.

The WREN that I met was not new she had been in for 7 months and was home on leave. She had just finished a wireless course and was going out to a station when she got back to Ottawa.

Before I forget I want to thank you and dad for the stamps. In your letter you said that you were glad that I was out of the drivers. That job is much lighter than the one I have now. You don't have to have as high an IQ to get into the drivers. There is a lot of studying connected with the light Ack Ack. I sure hope that I can make the grade. The course is pretty stiff. I have to take courses in aircraft identification, map reading, and the handling of the Bofors anti-aircraft gun. So far I am not having any trouble. The do not work us very hard but keep us busy most of the time.

This place has a heck of climate. It is still quite cold here at times some of the days are warm but most are chilly. It rains 2 or 3 days each week.

The money belt will come in handy I was going to get myself one. It is not here yet but will probably get here Monday or Tuesday.

I am sorry to hear that Dad has to get a furnace. It should make a big difference in heating the house.

I have some snaps in being developed now so I should have some snaps for the next letter.

I am running short of news so I will close.

I have been going to get a small dictionary but haven't. So if you can find one will you send it along.

Bunny must be thrilled with Norman. He will keep her busy now but I don't she will mind that.

Give my love to all.