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Date: September 3rd 1945
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Sept. 3, 1945
No.7 Repat Depot

Dear Mom

Here I am a little slow as usual in writing.

Last week box 37 arrived safely with the films, eats and reading material all of which was very welcome.

You are wondering how I am making out with my jeep. Well at the present time it is in the workshop for repairs, not that I did anything to it. The steering was not working so I refused to drive it until it is fixed. That was nearly two weeks ago so I should be getting it back anytime now. When I do get it I am going to try and get some more tires for it as the ones that are on it are starting to get smooth.

At the present time I drive anything they happen to need a driver for all the way from trucks to staff cars but no motor-cycles. I had my fill of them at Bramshott.

A week ago Sunday I was down to Brighton on a trip, the only trouble was I had to come right back again. It made a nice change from the usual short runs I get. It is 120 miles return which I did in four hours. I was driving what we call a "Butter Box" as that is just about what they look like. I guess you know what I mean or have seen them. They look something like this. [See the following photo sent after letter 89, the original letter has a drawing.] They hold six counting the driver.

I have written to Bill again I hope I get an answer from him this time as I have a 96 coming up and would like to spend it with him. If he doesn't answer before Ken shows up I will try to get it when he is here. Did Audrey tell him that the camp I am in now is in Aldershot? I hope she did as it would help him to find me.

Well when I get my jeep back again I will get that picture and finish off the roll then send you some pictures.

That is the end of the paper so I will close for now.