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Date: September 8th 1945
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Sept. 8/45
#7 Cdn. Repat Depot

Dear Mom

Your letter of the first arrived this afternoon so I am getting right to work.

I am on duty this weekend so have to stick around in case a call comes in for a truck. If that should happen I will have to take it wherever they want it. So far there has been nothing doing but we may be busy later on. The other night when I was on I had to go down to Southampton. It is not too bad a trip in daytime but late at night it makes a person pretty tired. The round trip is ninety miles which I did in three hours.

As far as I can find out I am to stay with this outfit until it folds up. As I have been taken on strength here, that is I am now part of the staff.

Well as for trades pay I guess I am just out of luck there as I am not working at my trade so don't get it. That is the way they do things in the army. I have been trying for nearly a year now to get a course as a motor mechanic but never seem to be able to make the grade. The way things are now there are lots of boys around that are already qualified that are not doing anything and they would be put to work before they would send me on a course.

I have not had an answer from Bill to the letter I wrote him over a week ago. There is no sign of Ken yet but I am expecting to see him turn up any time.

I am not doing very much during the day other than keeping out of sight and waiting for my jeep to come back from the work shop which is soon I hope.

Monday. A slight delay. Saturday night I had to stop as the Col. wanted his car to go to Bogner and I was elected to drive. We didn't get back until 3A.M. Sunday morning. I was up at 9 to take a draft up to Woking. That afternoon I took a tour up to Windsor the see the castle. That was a nice trip only the weather was not so hot. I took a couple of pictures if they turn out OK they will be sent home. During the afternoon I went for a boat ride on the Thames which I was disappointed in as it is no wider than the Capilano. In the evening we went to a show then to a Pub for a pint then home. Here is the end of the paper so I will close for now.

Love, Ted.