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Date: September 12th 1944
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Sept 12th/44
New Battery - "C" Bty CARU

Dear Mom:

It looks as though I have been slipping up on my letters lately.

I received a box a couple of weeks ago and about the same time 300 British Consols both were very welcome.

The last few weeks I have been busy nearly every night. The nights that there are shows in camp I go to them, they are on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. Tuesday & Friday I have been going to the softball games with the camp team. Some of the games are played in our camp, some in others. That is how I have been getting around to see this part of the country.

I have not been able to get down to see Mrs. Coppins' mother as yet. I have to go up to London and catch the train there as I can't make connections from here. The way that I think I will work it is to go there for a day or two on my leave.

I put in for my leave today to go around the end of the month. The[re] are a couple of other boys going at the same time. I am going to Torquay first then meet them up in Manchester. The reason that I am not going to Scotland as I though[t] I would is that you loose a whole day just traveling. We get 7 days every three months if you can get it.

You have asked a couple of times about my teeth. The dentist is trying to make a plate that will stick without taking out what I have left in top which is 7. I should be getting it soon now.

I brought two dress shirts over with me so I have all that I can use along that line now. As far as cloths are concerned I have all that I need if I had any more I would have no place to put them.

Did I tell you that I received a box from gram and that I have written her.

Od's sure lucky to be able to go up to Calgary. I think that she will have a nice time there. I hope that some time we maybe able to go together sometime.

I received a letter from Aunt Kate sometime ago, I answered it 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Gordy Cox will probably land in this camp when he gets out of the hospital so I may see him yet.

Well Mom I am running short of paper now and I think that I have covered just about everything.

I have not got my trades pay back yet but I hope to.

Take it easy now Mom, I want to see you in good shape when I get home.