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Date: November 4th 1916
Father and Mother

Nov 4th 1916

Dear Father and Mother,

Thank you ever so much for the nice parcels that you sent me. One was waiting for me when I came out of the trenches and the other I got yesterday. I was so glad to get them. I had a jolly good feed yesterday and I put on the vermin belt and rubbed some of the Alum and the paste all over my clothes and believe me I feel a lot better for it. I am awfully glad that you sent it all.

At present we are out for a rest having just done 6 days in the front line. We had an easy time and it wasn't too cold this time, but winter is coming and it will soon be cold enough. We are having it rather easy now, but as you ill have seen by the papers, we have had it hot. As long as they don't start pulling off some funny stunts, I could stay here for the duration.

I hope you have been getting lots of mail from me lately. I wrote twice while I was in the trenches. The billets we are in now are fine. Big wooden huts and clean straw to lie on.

This is some life. I wish it was all over and done with and we were all coming home. What are you busy with now, I suppose you will be bringing the young cattle in soon, it is getting on to about that time.

I had a letter from Uncle Roger and Aunt Mable yesterday. They appear to be getting along fine. I got an invitation to go an see them but I don't know whenever I will. N.Y. is rather out of my travels and believe me I am getting enough rambling here to last me for the rest of my life. I think that I will settle down after this that is if I am lucky enough to come through.

Well I have no more news now and will close. Hoping you are all quite well. I am fine. I remain your loving son, Reggie.

P.S How are both Tom and Lena getting along. I hope they are fine. I have not heard about them for a long time. R.

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