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Date: December 19th 1943

Sun. Dec. 19/43

Dearest Mother,

I have just returned from Church - an Anglican church and a very old one. It's the first time I've gone since I've been over here. I sent you a letter on the 15th and received your parcel the next day. I can't explain how welcome they are over here. The pictures were swell and something I wanted. Thank you Marilyn and Austin and Maidra for the candy and bars. We are saving them for Xmas although some of it is gone already. The cake was O.K. except it was a little hard on top-it's also waiting till Xmas. Maybe a lid on it would stop it from getting hard. Not a crumb was off the cookies. They are all eaten and we really went for them. I'm writing Mrs. Boyes today. We ate the Klik last night and it really hit the spot.

I received your letter written on Nov. 14th yesterday. I haven't received any of the other parcels yet although they should come this week. You sent me two pictures of you pinning my wing on when I was in the States. Did you get the 80 bucks I sent you, in the letter I sent from the States.

I was out golfing the other day for the first time in my life. The four of us played - Walt was the only one who had played before so we really had some fun. There is only the odd day we can play outdoor sports as it is so wet around here.

There is an officer's dance in our hotel new Years Eve. I don't know what I'll do for a dame as I haven't seen anything over here yet that I'd want to go out with. It seems as if there are all shapes and sizes but if there is one that isn't bad its well taken up.

They serve tea in the mess every Sunday P.M. They have rich cakes so that's quite a change. We'll probably go to a show this evening. I still haven't got in to see Milton but hope to after Xmas.

Well my dearest I must be off to dinner. Give my best to everyone.

All my love,

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