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Date: December 31st 1943

Dec. 31/43

Wigtownshire, Scotland

Dear Mother,

I finally got posted from Bournemouth but not at a very good time as it was just after Xmas. We are at an advanced flying station and will be for six or eight weeks. Our work here is mostly a review of what we have taken in Canada and quite a bit of flying. The conveniences here are much less than any station I've been on before. We have to walk a mile to our work each day. We sleep in tin huts and its really cold. There is a stove in it which doesn't burn. They are short of personnel here so we have no batwomen and that means we have to look after ourselves. It's really a mess. Walt, Bill, Sandy and myself are still together and hope to be all the way through. We have our winter underwear on now and we need more than that. We have a very good mess and very good meals. They are not rationed so much up here. It's even possible to get an egg once a month.

We had a very quiet Xmas at Bournemouth. There was a small piece of hard turkey for our dinner. I received the parcels from Edna and Mrs. Millar which I must answer right away. I haven't received the one from the ladies yet.

On the way up here we had a two hour stop in London. The four of us went to the wax museum and saw all the wax figures of Madame Tuessaud. It was really wonderful as they were all so real. We also went to the horror museum were it should all the big murders, the actual guillotine and other cruelties of bygone days.

Walt and I had an invitation from the Hawksworths to spend New Years with them. We were going if we hadn't been posted and are phoning them tonight. We should get a week's leave after we're through here and we will probably go there.

There's a big do in the mess tonight as it's New Years Eve. We even have to work tomorrow. We get one day off a week and that's all. I haven't been getting any letters lately. They have been sending practically all parcels over.

Well Mom I must go to supper. Wishing you all the best for the New Years as it will probably be an exciting one for us all.

All my love,

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