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Date: December 31st 1944
Mother & Father


Dear Folks,

This is New Year's Eve and the first chance I've had to write to you in ten days. Things have been sorta of busy around here the past week. To begin with we did a trip on Dec. 23 and had to land in the south of Eng. We were there four days before getting airborne again so our Xmas was kind of spoiled. We went to a couple of dances-flying boots and all, and didn't have too bad a time considering. As you know the Hun has made a big push and we've been having the pants flown off us while weather permitted. I've got 13 in now and about 17 more to go, so with any luck at all, another three months should see me through. I've been flying with crews who have lost their bomb aimer in one way or another.

I'm leaving here Jan 2nd for a week's course on bombing analysis. After it's over I'll be getting a week's leave but do not know where I'll be going yet.

I just had a letter from Pauline Coulson who is stationed a very short distance from here. She was getting some leave at Xmas and wanted to see me, but I didn't get her letter in time. Also had a letter from Milton who seems to be doing o.k. in Holland.

Received a carton of cigs from you, they seem to be coming through much better now, and also one from Grandma & Grandpa. Received Xmas parcels from Edna and the Heads-which was an enormous one.

You remember me telling you about buying a camera-well my photography isn't so hot. Out of the first roll of film (18) only two turned out and they were poor. However I'll try again and hope it turns out better. I have some pictures of our crew that I will send to you.

You must forgive me for forgetting Dad's and Maidra's birthdays. However I do wish them many happy returns and only hope I will be able to spend it with them next year.

There is quite a party planned for the station tonight, and as I'm all slicked up I guess I'll go and give the girls a break.

Hoping that 45 shall see us through and we'll all be home again soon. I shall sign off for now. And as for my New Year's resolution, it shall be the same as the past few months-and that's to follow the rule of the Lord-"better to give then receive."

Much Love,

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