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Sunday afternoon

Dear Mother,

Well mom flying isn't coming along so hot. I don't mean that I don't like it or that I'm not catching on to it because it's just the other way around in those respects. It's the weather. Every day it's 35 or 40 below and as this is the prairies you will know how windy it is. We have only 3 hrs. a piece in, in the week that we have been here.

My instructor is certainly a swell guy. The other day when we had come down from a flip he asked me how I liked it. I said, "I love it sir". "Well", he says, "is this your first love". The C.O. of the station is a Squadron Leader and is only 24. He looks to be 18 and is not at all militaristic. He was in shooting sparrows in the hangar yesterday. We had a very nice dinner today. Last pay-day they took a vote: to see if each man would pay a dollar a month and then get extra messing, the "ayes" had it so we will be getting better food from now on, I hope.

Sunday around here is supposed to be the same as any other day for us. We were supposed to fly all day today but it was too windy.

I received your letter and the ring last week. The ring is still too big but I can wear it on my third finger. I was in town last night with a few of the boys and the jeweler is only open in the day time. As it is impossible for me to get in in the daytime I will have to wait till I get to the city if I want it made smaller. I don't believe I will be going in to Davidson much. The only thing to do is go to a show. Besides, there is plenty of entertainment here on the station (three different shows a week).

Apparently we don't get any 48's while we are here (unless we couldn't fly for a couple of weeks or something) but we are entitled to a leave after we are through.

Well mom I must sign off for now and do a bit on my ground subjects. Sometimes I will be reading along and my mind is in one of the Cornells someplace and I won't notice a word of what I'm reading.

Love George

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