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Date: April 24th 1944

New Westminster B.C.
April 24, 1944

My Dear Son,

Have been sitting here waiting for the postman expecting a letter from you, but he has been & still no letter, am now beginning to worry because you have never been as long in writing hope you are not sick or anything, but than I guess if ther were anything wrong I would have known before this. There are two letters for Ruth, one from Gene & one from Norm.

The weather here has been awful this last month raining all the time & very cold, it seems as though the heavens are crying all the time, it is most depressing.

Our sixth victory loan got under today you know Jack Benny & his company are in Vancouver helping to put it across. Yesterday I went to the Forum to hear them, they were all very good & sure enjoyed it all very much. Dennis Day the singer on his program is leaving the east to join the Navy. Sunday was his last appearance. When he said goodbye he nearly broke down. Today the entire cast are to be at Boeings so Ruth will have a good chance to see them all.

Was talking to Mrs. Edwards on Saturday, was telling me, that Doug has sent you a picture, we have been trying to get film so we could send you some snaps, but so far have been uncessful but will keep trying & one of these days will manage it.

Went to the show with the Scotts on Saturday Mrs. Scotts mother is here again this time she intends to stay, she dosen't like Kamloops very much. They all beg to be remembered. Mrs. Podmores dad is also here on holiday but is going back home tomorrow.

Have you managed to see Gene yet? I think that boy must be an awful boozer, as he is always talking about getting drunk or is he just trying to be funny. Its too bad because if it gets a hold on him it wont be so funny. Maby he is just trying to drown his troubles.

Will have to sign off now so until next time with all my love. Mom.

P.S. Hope you have received some parcels by this time.

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