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Date: April 29th 1944

New Westminster B.C.
April 29, 1944

My Dear Son,

Just a line to let you know, we are all O.K. & hope you are the same, the last letter I had from you, was over a week ago, it said that you were going on leave, I suppose by the time this reaches you, you will be back to the old grind. Well here's hoping you had a good time on your leave, was very please to hear that you received your clothes, but of course that wasent the first parcel that was sent, but maby you will get the others in due time. Today it is raining again, but never the less Ruth & I are going to town to have some pictures taken, so you can look for one in the near future. Charlie Kenworthy is home on his embarcation leave he has only one week, & then leave for overseas his mother says he is quite delighted to be going. I guess he will be just as delighted when it is time to come home again. Ruth had a letter from Norman yesterday, say he isent doing anything yet, & wanted to know how the war is coming on, or is there one going on he asks, of course you know Norm always trying to say something to give you a laugh and we did laugh at that.

Have you seen Gene yet, have been thinking a lot about him lately, & I see by the papers that all the R.C.A.F. Squadrons took part in yesterdays raid. Ruth had a letter from him last week.

You mentioned about having a trip over France, will that count as one & leave you twenty nine more, you know I will keep track of them all, so I will have some idea how long before you will be getting leave to come home. that is the only thing I am living for now. Went to Church with Eleanor & her boy friend, last night do you attend church every week? Or do you still get board with it? By the way you haven't mentioned your friend Guss for a long time. do you ever see him now? I guess he having a commission makes a difference, or does it?

Well there isent much more to say, so will call it a day, and with all my love

P.S. am sending you another parcel on Monday, & will send you an ordinary letter with the card I got for cigs. so if you don't get them you can check up.

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