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Date: February 1st 1944

Feb 1, 1944

Dear Jack.

You must be thinking that it is about time you were getting a letter from this side of the world, and there is no excuse except that I've been gadding around so much that there hasn't been time to do anything but sleep (not even eat). I met a swell looking navy officer at a Chinese place and has he ever been giving me the rush.

Mum and I are sure glad to hear that you are having fun over there. It makes us feel a lot better to know you are okay. We've been trying to get a parcel ready for you. Just everyday essentials you know so I hope they will come in handy. Don't go around telling everyone, but I'm taking dancing lessons and having quite a time. Mom and you are the only ones that know. This doggone night shift is the only thing that spoils my style darn it.

Norm has been writing quite regularly and I'm afraid he is going to think I'm a heel for not doing the same. He will have to wait though because your first on my list and always will be. I'm afraid poor Mals nose is going to be out of joint since I met Jimmy - pardon me for raving but he's really something - Tall dark and handsome type you know - and hes not a wolf (surprised).

Well that's enough gassing about him - how are you getting along with the women over there. Are they quite the things?

Gosh kid theres not a heck of a lot to say. You know yourself what it was like when you were here. All the kids are off someplace. As a matter of fact Alec Robertson is about the only one I've seen around.

Every Monday we bowl, say I forgot to tell you I was on the Boeing League. Yesterday we had quite a good match and the scores were not bad. Havn't hit two hundred yet but I'm nearly up there. Mary and Kurt havn't arrived yet we've been expecting them every day for the past three weeks. Well chum almost time to be off to the old grind again, will write again soon.

Love Ruth

Hope you get a chance to see Norm, Mrs. Hopper tells me he has started op's or finished his training.

Can hardly wait to hear what you three have to do when you meet.

Havn't written Barney yet but will soon so tell him to keep a stiff upper lip and save a drink for me.

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