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Date: March 6th 1944

New Westminster B.C.

March 6, 1944

My Dear Son,

Well son I just received a letter from you and must say, I was pleased to hear from you & to know that you are well, but it makes me feel very blue to think that you are not receiving letters from home, as we have been writing often & have sent parcels. Have you not received any yet, I sent your fly pin & also the air gunners brooch that you asked me to get, also sent you the leather jacket & pants & shirts so if you dont get them, there is something funny about it all.

I told you in one of my letters that I am receiving the allowance, so am mentioning it again so you will be sure to know.

Mary just received a letter from you today it went to Bamfield & they had to send it back here, she also sent a couple of parcels & cant understand why you are not receiving them.

Ruth is still working but has not been feeling very well so think as soon as Mary & the kids get away will take her to a doctor for a check up, guess she dosen't get enough rest you know what young children are, I mean Mary's they are up as soon as it is daylight & then there is no more rest for anyone & then with Fred & chickenpox makes it all the worse.

Curt leaves for Bella Bella tomorrow night but Mary has to wait & make sure the other two kids don't get the chickenpox befor she can go just think if Skip & Bobby get them it will be another four or six weeks befor she can get away, I think by that time the kids will have the house chopped down, talk about destructive it is something terrible of course I guess all kids are the same, its just that I am getting older and notice it more I guess.

Aunt Peg was out yesterday & I told her to write to you again, she is also going to write to Gene. We are sorry to hear Gene is not receiving any mail, but of course we cant help that our big worry is you, cant get over it, but heres hoping by the time you get this you will have received a flock of letters.

There really isent anything new or startling happened to tell you about but I know that as long as it is some word from home you wont mind.

Emil is still working at the ship yard, and so is Bert, & Frank is still fishing.

Havent seen anything of Doug for a long time has he not written to you?

Well son must close now, but for goodness sake don't get the idea we are not thinking & praying for you & longing for the day when I hear your footsteps on the stairs telling me you are home to stay.

Lots of love Mom.

We are trying to get a film so we can send snaps.

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