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Date: March 10th 1944

New Westminster B.C.
March 10, 1944

Dear Son,

Just a line to let you know we are still here & thinking of you all the time, haven't had any mail from you this last week but hope you are feeling well, Mary & the children are still here & raising the dickens all the time.

Bobby, that is the baby, is a sweet little fellow, seems different from the other two he is rather quiet but guess he is kind of young yet so cant tell just what he will be like. Mary dosent know for sure just when she will be leaving for Bella Bella, but maby it will be next week some time.

Everything is going on just about the same around here, nothing new happening, haven't seen anything of Doug for a long time, tried to get in touch with Marge to see if she had heard anything from you, but she dident have a phone.

Ruth had another letter from Gene yesterday I guess he has been having quite a hot time says he has been on a couple of raid over Berlin but hope to be home after a few more trips. Last night Mary & I went to the Oak & when we were coming home called into Hildas for a milk shake & there were about two dozen kids come in, all in uniform, just waiting until they are old enough to join up in the air force you know the ones I mean, like the one that works for Mr. Smith & the Kerry boy it just about makes me sick to think this thing has to go on. but I suppose it will crack one of these days & heres hoping it is soon.

Tried to get in touch with Bill Bradshaw to find out about the fastball team but he isent home so will have to let you know about it in my next letter I suppose you know that Stan McMillan has joined the merchant marine & has gone away on his first trip.

Len Palmberg is in Prince Rupert some place, they are talking about disbanding the fisherman navy & making all the men either join the regular navy or join the army, so I guess Len will not like that very well however there is always a lot of talk of this & that and maby nothing will come of it. must away now & post this so until next time with all my love


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