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Date: May 1st 1944
Mother & Sister

May 1 I think

My Dearest Mother & Sister

Hello sweethearts how is my two best girl friends coming along? I am fine but a little stiff cause they took us on a six mile cross country run today. I never knew that six miles was so long in my life. But it was worth it cause it is the first running I have done in months or a matter of fact it is the first exercise I have done in months.

I wrote you a couple of days ago and told you about the wonder of London and I believe I talked mainly on Madame Toussaudes. I will continue in this letter to say something about Westminster Abby. First of all it is quite near Trafalgar Square and it is an immensely high place. It must be around three hundred feet from the floor to the ceiling. Inside it smells musty as though a lot of books were slowly crumbling into dust. There are statues of famous artists and there work all over the place and the actually coffins of the people. Under the floor are graves of people who did a few famous deeds in their life. I didn't notice any Fitzgeralds or Mills there though. Probably we were there under an assumed name though. About the most striking place of all was the grave of the unknown soldier, it impressed me deeply for some reason or other. I didn't stay to hear the organ music as I hate the stuff so I can't tell you anything about it. The only part that I didn't like was the fact they tried to sell us pictures of the place right inside the church. Can you imagine a preacher standing around selling pictures of a place. It struck me as sorta a money making place rather than a church. I guess that is all about dear old Westminster Abby.

After we left there we went a walk in St. Jame Park near the Buckingham Palace. It was a swell place and what I liked was the fact that they had Mallard ducks tearing around the place. It shore reminded me of the good old days when I used to go hunting with Uncle Frank. I would have liked to have the ld trusty 12 gauge and made our fine feathered friends a nice roast duck. All I could see when I saw them swimming around was one of your good old roast duck dinner on the hoof.

Well can't think of much more to say so I will sign off for now.

All My Love,


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Original Scans