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Date: May 9th 1944

New Westminster, B.C.

May 9, 1944

Dear Son,

Received your most welcome letter today, needless to say was most delighted to hear from you. am so glad that you enjoyed your holiday, you will have a lot to tell us when you get home. keep your chin up because everyone thinks this old war will end this summer & than home, won't that be the day. Was talking to Bill Bradshaw a few days ago, he thinks he will have to go into the army, as it is so hard to get into the Air force now, was telling me that out of twenty boys that tried to pass the test, only four of them got through. the rest of them have to go into something else. Ruth had a letter from Norman, he says he has already had a crack at the nips, he says the real stuff too.

There isent much to write about, we have had a weeks good weather but yesterday & today it is cold again. Ruth & I have a garden but I suppose the cold weather will keep it from growing, Mr. Padmore is going to build us a new fence, you know on the side next to his place, I think every dog in Burnaby comes into our back yard & scratches up everything, as it will be a good thing to be [?] able to shut them out. They started to clear the alley out in back as we had to take our chicken fence down everyone up at this end of the street is kicking like the dickens about it, so the last few days there have been no men working there, haven't heard whether they are going to continue or not personally I dont care whether they do or not, we never use it anyway only for dumping trash & our chickens. Is there anything that you want, that I haven't been sending. dont be afraid to ask if there is. Will go into town next week & put in an order for more cigs. of course you haven't had time to receive the first order yet but you will get them in another month that is assured.

Lots of love


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