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Date: April 13th 1941
Mom and Dad

13 Apr 41

Dear Mom & Dad:

I've had two letters and a parcel from you and a letter from Wannie since I wrote last.

This is Easter Sunday, and a beautiful day it is; warm and summer like. We had church parade on the village green today, the first time it was held in the open this spring. All winter we went to the local church.

I saw "King Henry VIII" last night at the YMCA it was very good. Remember how Dad described him eating chicken. Its on tonight also. I would have gone again only I felt dirty and took a bath instead. I am half naked now writing this letter. There is nobody in billets besides myself tonight. Half the boys are seeing the show and the rest have dates. The boys have great fun making blind dates. We have to make outside calls on the civil exchange as well as handling the military end of it. The girls on the different exchange around the country can recognize us by voice alone now. Several of the boys are in pretty thick with them now. They know me as Mr. X.

I received the box of fish O.K. They were sure swell.

The next time you get a chance, send another one along, if you will, and try and work in a foot or so of hunky sausage, there is none over here at all. That's a pretty big order isn't it? Don't put your self out in order to get it for me. Its not essential, just a fancy.

The Sargent Major told me last week that he put my name in for a PT (physical training) course. Our platoon has no instructor in that line. So if I get the course, then I'll be No. 1 boggy man in No. 1 platoon.

Things are as quiet as ever around here yet. The blitz seems to have moved down around Greece.

We go on an occasional week end exercise to keep us in shape, and route march about 40 miles a week every week. We dont mind that stuff now. I rather like it. This week I am on the office duty, and am excused from all the parades. Still I make it a point to change with one of the other s and go on the route march. They certainly keep you in shape.

I will have to close for now. Dont worry and keep your chin up. I will write Wannie this week.

Lots of Love


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