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Date: February 29th 1940
Mom and Dad

Feb 29/40

Dear Mom & Dad

Received your letter of Jan. 27 and Feb 7 on the 27th. I received one from Wannie also.

I took some snaps some time ago, and am going to send them home as soon as they are developed. I was figuring on going down to the village this evening to get them, but it is raining now. So I'll have to leave them there until tomorrow.

All the signalers are going out to the shooting range this week, we welcome the change. Up until now we hardly ever went out side at all. We studied in our own room instead.

You were worrying about the grub and the general comfort of us. Well you can set your mind at rest about that.

For breakfast we get bacon and eggs boiled or fried or sausage and hash. For dinner we always get a four decker we call it.

The waiter brings out four big pans. One contains soup, one potatoes, one meat and stew and the other desert which varies every day from jelley and peaches to pudding and prunes. So you dont need to worry on that score. I gained six pounds since I came over here and Oh Boy so I ever feel in shape.

The Colonel visits our huts and mess every week or so to see if there are any complaints. He is a real good head. The colonel we had leaving Nova Scotia is transferred to the church unit. He was a church of England minister in N.S. This one we have with us now won the VC and the MC in the last war so we have an experienced leader anyway.

My job is the signalers store man. That is, I have to look after all the signal instruments, keep them all packed up and keep a check on them. So that means I will be just as far back of the lines as the Batallion Comanders. My tendency to pick things apart when I was small stood me in good stead. I am a wizzard at taking the things apart and patching them up again.

We have all the clothes we need. I have too much myself. I still have the socks and shirts that was issued to me in Halifax not worn once yet. So there is no need to worry about my comfort.

If I had it to do over again I would do the same thing.

I am real interested in the army and things military. If I ever come through I figure on taking some military courses. I have to give an odd lecture here on the parts and care of the instruments before a class of 30 soldiers. I like it very much. And you don't need to worry about me getting drunk. I dont touch it at all since I came over here. And I feel a whole lot better my brain is clearer and I catch on to things a lot better.

You told me about Tom Oniel going to join the army. Tell him if he is serious about it to write and let me know, and I will try to advise him on the best unit to join. That is if he intends to join the infantary.

I am going to write to Tick to-morrow and send him the snaps. Dan is coming along O.K. there is no danger of him getting married over here. He gets letters from Beverly Buckley, and do he ever strut around. This is all for now.

Love to all.

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