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Date: June 8th 1943
Mom and Dad

8 June 43

Dear Mom & Dad:

Just returned back off leave. It was'nt a very long leave, but a very necessary one. It was to attend J.C.s wedding

While writing this letter, a bag of mail came in and I recieved a letter from you written in hospital before your operation, and one from Lorna written after the operation. I am certainly glad that you came through it so well. You are a very strong woman indeed to be able to take so much punishment and still come out on top. I am certainly glad that you are strong. I hope that this one will be successful enough so that you wont have to go through any more.

I recieved letters from Wannie and Tick about a week ago. They both told me that you were in hospital.

J.Cs wedding was a verry pretty affair. Four or five of the boys in the platoon were given passes and a few more went A.W.L. to attend it. Capt. Davis, our signal officer in the C.B.H., was the best man. The Bride is a very nice girl and comes from a good family. I am enclosing my invitation so that you can save it for me.

I recieved the check for my birthday and also cigs from Lorna and Tick. The parcils containing fudge from Lenin and digbys from you reached me OK. I shared the fudge from Lenin only with my closest friends, explaining its origin all the way back to the dawn of Trotzky (Tick).

Almost all the platoon queued up when they saw the fish. Quite a number of our platoon comes from the south shore, it is also sprinkled with Newfoundlanders, hence the queue. The parcils arrived in good shape.

Alex Gilles is still with us and is getting along OK. He told me to let Mrs Gilles know in my letter that he recieved the parcel OK, but he was to lazy to write. He looks me up occassionaly to chat about the Bier in general. He is still cooking at one of our companies.

I want to thank you for the check and everything, and I hope you come through your sickness OK.

I am forced to quit for now.

Lots of love to all.

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